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The thrill of the competition »

By Allison Goff   At Ruskin High School there is a very competitive debate team. They frequently engage in debate tournaments and travel to other states and high schools to…

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Junior Trinity Bolton loves being different and standing out.

Being Different Is Not A Sin »

By Tomeice Johnson Some people may think being different is “wrong” or “out of style” because everyone is trying to be like the next person now a days. But truth…

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Staff Restarts the New Year at R.H.S »

Teachers and administrators gave a warm welcome to students as they entered school Jan. 6.

By Luis Jimenez  On Jan. 6, Ruskin High School students and staff restarted the second semester by reasserting their efforts…

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Restart Rules and Policies in Detail »

Electronics No electronic usage at any time within school grounds (Phones, tablets, mp3s, speakers, headphones etc.) To contact their child,…

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Tv: Now And Then »

Jasmine Shelton Staff Reporter   The entertainment world changes all the time, especially the television aspects. Channels such as Disney…

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Dance ‘Till Ya’ Feet Hurt »


By Robert Smith  Seniors Quanny James and Tamia Burrell, put their own dance on display for the rest of the…

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Abracadabra! »

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

By Musa Khan “The last good movie I saw was ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’,” junior Robert Johnson said. Johnson is a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise and waited three hours in line just to get tickets to the midnight…

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Best Comedy Movie »

lets be cops

By Sammy Alvarado Jr “The last good movie I saw was ‘Let’s Be Cops’,” senior Gerardo Sanchez said. Sanchez loves watching the new movies that come out, especially when the are about comedy and action. “Let’s Be Cops was very funny and it had a…

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Mr. Rivers Discusses The Restart »


By Anthony Glover On Wednesday January 14, principal Jesse Rivers sat down to discuss the topic of the Hickman Mills C-1 school district Restart and…

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Buy Your Talon Yearbook Today
Inside the classroom Processed with VSCOcam

Types of Journalism

By Sumer Freeman Journalism teacher Laura Williams speaks to her Introduction to Journalism class about the five reasons to “hit the delete key.” She engages the students attention by being enthusiastic. This lesson teaches students what…

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5 Questions With... Photo sent in by Allison (aka Alli) Rainey.

5 Questions With… Allison Rainey

By Beauty Davis Q: What made you want to join ROTC & color-guard? A: Well, I got put in ROTC unexpectedly, but I thought, ‘Hmm, maybe I should try this out.’ So I did and now…

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Teacher Spotlight Alex Wampler - chemistry teacher but also volleyball and robotics coach.

What you don’t know about WAMPLER!

By Naomi Hill      Alex Wampler, chemistry teacher at Ruskin High, is also a coach for the volleyball team and robotics. But before he was a teacher, he was enlisted in the Navy for over…

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The Last Good ___ I ___ orlando_florida mh

The Last Good Vacation I had Was….

By Maygan Ham  The last good vacation junior Valeczia Hooks took was to Orlando, Fla. “The weather was beautiful and there was a lot of things to do,” Hooks said. They had so many things they…

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Football 20130822VFBvsGrandMKhan089

Something You Love

By Sumer Freeman   Trevell Young has been a Ruskin football player for quite some time. He’s a junior now and he still aspires to become a leader on the team. Trevell has been playing football…

Nov 18 2014 / Read More »
Soccer Athlete Spotlight Britany Simmons

Simmons Adds Versatility to Lady Eagles Soccer

By Nicole Shelton Senior Britany Simmons is one of the few varsity players on the Lady Eagles Soccer Team who are just finishing their spring season. Soccer is the only sport Simmons plays for Ruskin. This…

Apr 5 2014 / Read More »
Athlete Spotlight 20130912HCPepRallyCGriffin101

The Life of a Cheerleader

By Ciara Griffin Scream and shout and let it all out, Mishayla Jones is the name and cheering is her game. Jones cheers for Ruskin High School as a senior, but has been cheering since she…

Jan 14 2015 / Read More »
Tennis tennis girl

Minute to win it

By Sa’Rah Al-basir Taking a couple of minutes to herself, senior Shanna Bushmen, team captain of the girls tennis team, contemplates winning during the girls tennis game.  As the game was coming to an end, Bushmen…

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