Seniors Deron Porchia, Arthur Williams, and junior Kalaun Baker playing defense. 
The home opener was played against Ray-Pec. "On some occasions we connect very well on some occasions we don't," Porchia said. "In practice we don't connect that good but in games we connect." Photo Credit: Ariel West

Point Makers

by Carlo Terrell, EE Sports Editor The boys varsity basketball is an exciting basketball team to watch. With a bunch of high fliers running up…



Too Young for Love

by Ryah Williams Are we too young for love? Almost like asking are we too young for heartbreak. I feel like I’ve experienced the whole…

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IMG_0482Ryah Williams Poetry Slam

Slamming the Poetry Showcase

by Ryah Williams Ruskin High School kicked off the Poetry Jam on Dec. 15, 2017. The Poetry Jam was full of talent from dancing and…