Unforeseen Injuries, Unforeseen Results

by Charlee Garcia

There were many early injuries that affected the 2017-2018 football season before the first game. Injures varied from multiple concussions, leg, ankle, knee, shoulder and foot injuries. Some injuries were more significant than others but they all affected the season in some way.

The first injury of the season started with senior Kameron Williams back in June at a college camp.

“It happened when I was doing a drill and my knee just twisted wrong and it affected me by, well everyone knows I didn’t get to play the season,” Williams said.

Juniors Xavier Davis, Robert Vaughn and Jamal Wallace were the three students diagnosed with concussions this year.

“Even though I knew it was a chance of a second concussion I still finished the season strong for my team,” Vaughn said.

Leg injures were a bruised knee from seniors Tyrell Rock and Jaylon Kitchen hyperextended his leg. Kitchen also dislocated his shoulder and sprained his ankle.

“All of those injuries affected my season because they kind of held me back from playing at my full potential,” Kitchen said.

Senior Shakespeare Williams sprained his ankle which impacted the team as he was this years quarterback. Junior Darius Porter fractured his foot and had many following injures.

“It affected my season because I was out for the whole season so I couldn’t really play,” Porter said.

Many of the players were not able to play the entire or half of the season. This affected the team as a whole and individually.

“We had some other players that had some nicks and bruises whether it be a sprained ankle, a banged up knee,” Coach William Perkins said. “Some of the guys didn’t get to play to their full potential.”

Football Injuries 2 by Robyn

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