The Program Lifting Students

IMG_8888Forklift program at Ruskin

Completing the interview with the Fox 4 reporter, senior Lameia Oliver-Gutierrez shares why she is a part of the Forklifting program. The Forklifting program was new to Ruskin put on by University of Central Missouri. “The program is a great opportunity to not only get certified but learn views of other people in the actual adult world that we’ll be going into after graduation,” Oliver-Gutievrez said. Photo Credit: Destnee Walton

by Carlo Terrell

Last semester Ruskin announced and started a new program that specializes in teaching young adults how to use a forklift. Teacher Rachel Mayo oversees and guides the young adults involved down the path to success. One notable student in the program is senior Lameia Oliver-Gutievrez. Oliver-Gutievrez is making big strides and is a natural when it comes to the forklift according to Mayo.

“I believe this is a natural fit for me,” Oliver-Gutievrez said.

This program sponsored through University of Central Missouri is helping young adults at Ruskin obtain certification to operate Forklifts for high paying jobs.

“This program is teaching and developing crucial life skills needed for me to become a man.”  senior De Giovanni Redd said.

Not only is this program teaching high school students how to do a job it’s also teaching young adults how to blossom into adults equipped for the real world.

The students are progressing through the program and all of Mayo’s students passed the first semester test.

“Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my students pass their test,” Mayo said.