The Anger Games: Election Edition


Senior Sierra Maloney enters her voting precinct. Sixteen students registered to vote during the voter registration held at the school. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

by Jada Burse, Talon Yearbook Editor

Tuesday, Nov. 8, America waited in anticipation for the results on who would become the next leader of the country. After winning the preliminary election, running for the Democratic party was Hillary Clinton along with running mate Tim Kaine, senator of Virginia. Running for the Republican party was Donald Trump with running mate Mike Pence, governor of Indiana.  


Seniors arrive at the voting precinct to cast their vote for president and other ballot issues. The voting trip was set up by history teacher William O’Brien. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

After a long and industrious campaign both parties waited for their fate. Tallying the votes with a total of 290 electoral votes, Trump
won the election and Clinton won the popular vote with more than 1.7 million more votes over Trump. With no hard feelings between the two candidates they congratulated one another on each others success.

“Thank you very much,” Trump said.”I just received a call from secretary Clinton. She congratulated us, it’s about us, on our victory. I congratulated her and her family on a very very hard fought campaign.”

This year many students at Ruskin were eligible to participate in the election to vote. 94 students qualified to vote, yet only 16 registered and 11 went on a field trip to the booths to vote. However, those who did take the opportunity found that the first time experience was more than they thought it would be.


Senior Dominic Pellettiere exits the bus at his voting precinct. Students that were 18 years old were able to vote in the 2016. presidential election. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

“It’s a powerful thing to live in a country where no matter where you come from, who you are, what you look like, you have a right to vote and to put your voice out there,” senior Shelby Woodroof said. “I feel like people who didn’t take advantage of this are going to regret it because that was a really powerful thing for me to experience.”  

Not only some students, but teachers also took advantage of the moment and made sure that their voice was heard as well.


Senior Dominic Pellettiere stands in line at his voting precinct. Eleven students went on the voting trip to vote at their precincts. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

“If you think about it black people’s vote has been protected for only 51 years with the voting rights act of ‘65,” communication arts teacher Nicole Blakeney-Earl said. “So if you think of all the people who were lynched, beaten, burned and who literally fought for that one thing, to vote, to make a difference I feel like it’s my duty, somebody died for me.”

As President Obama’s 8 year term comes to an end some students will miss him and the legacy he has lead.

“It sucks the way the houses were divided,” senior Dominic Pellettiere said. “He couldn’t accomplish everything he wanted to do. I would’ve voted for him anyways, he was miles better than who we have this time.”

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