Promotion Day

IMG_9122Malcolm veterans breakfast

During the Veteran’s Breakfast, senior Qunicy Cole receives promotion to Sergeant Major. Sgt Ivan Glaso presented Cole with his insignia for the highest rank. “Cole is also a great student that gets a lot of compliments from other teachers,” Glasco said. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

by Coriana Forshee

Senior cadet Quincy Cole made history at Ruskin High School by being promoted to Sergeant Major during the Veteran’s Breakfast, Thursday Nov. 11, 2017. Cole was promoted to the highest enlisted rank.

Cadet Alexis Palmer and The Honorable DaRon McGee gave SgtM Cole his ranks.

“It was such an honor. Especially because I was promoted by the commanding officer of Ruskin High cadet captain Alexis Palmer and the State Representative, District 036, the Honorable DaRon McGee,” Cole said. “Knowing that it would be my last promotion, I reflected on how far I’ve come.”

It’s amazing how he has gotten so far with the skills and knowledge he has.

“Cadet Sgt Major Cole has the ability to apply all 14 Leadership traits and all 11 leadership principles,” Sgt Ivan Glasco said. “When he does anything it’s all about hard work and dedication in the program or outside the program.”

Palmer explained the reasoning for Cole’s promotion.

“Out of all the cadets he’s pretty much the hardest worker. He always helping out Cornel, he always keeping me on track,” Palmer said. “He’s never afraid to help someone and that’s why he was rewarded and recognized.”