Police Brutality Continues

2000px-police_brutality-svgby SaRah Al-Basir

“Please don’t tell me this lord. Please Jesus, don’t tell me that he’s gone,” Diamond Reynolds pleaded with the lord while her boyfriend Philando Castile drew his last breath in the passenger seat. His white T-shirt covered in blood and he moans in so much pain and distress.

July 6, Philando Castile was shot four times in his car, with his 4 year old daughter in the backseat. After an officer pulled him over for a broken tail light. Castile explained to the officer that he had a concealed weapon with a permit to carry it. While reaching for his license and registrations officer shot Castile four times in his chest, and abdomen area. After the police shot him, Castile’s girlfriend went immediately on Facebook live explaining the situation that had just occurred before her eyes.

Castile’s death was a day after Alton Sterling, who was age 37, was outside of a Baton Rouge gas station selling CDs with the owner’s permission. Cops restrained Sterling to the ground not knowing any of the situation or that he had permission. After officers forced him to the ground one pulled out a gun and shot him twice in the chest. Bystanders caught all of it on video which was soon posted to social media so all eyes could see the tragedy that had took place.

July 7, a man from Kansas City ambushed officers, killed three and wounded three others. Gavin long was a Grandview High School graduate who on his 29th birthday went on a killing rampage. He was a former marine who had spent time in Iraq and was discharged in 2010.

These killings and so many more sparked national controversy such as #Blacklivesmatter, #AllLivesMatter, and with some recent cop killing over the summer the movement #Bluelivesmatter.

“If I see a cop I’m nervous, your heart starts beating and you could be legit and everything, you could have your licence, you could be fine but what we’ve seen recently people getting killed for doing the right thing,” student services Brian Harris said.  

With so many movements on social media so many people felt they needed to choose a side.

“I felt like #AllLivesMatter was a push back to #BlackLivesMatter, the black community was having problems at the time, everyones lives matter,” Kimberly Barton said.

The statement that everyone lives matter is true, but how as society do we accept cops killing innocent black people, how can we turn a blind eye on police brutality? They try to convince us that our eyes didn’t see it right. That our eyes didn’t see a man by the name of Alton Sterling struggling on the floor, as a white policeman shot him more than once. Our eyes saw what happened and our ears heard the noise so when people say all lives matter yes that’s true, but all lives are not in danger, all lives are not a target, all lives are not scared to get pulled over, all lives are not scared when they’re doing something right and see a police officer.

Officer Geronimo Yanez got placed on paid administrative leave and came back a week after the shooting, and killing of Philando Castile. Yanez got to go back home to his family and friends, he got to see another day and wasn’t convicted of the murder instead he got paid to take a couple of days off. Castile didn’t have that choice his daughter and his fiance had to watch him take his last breaths in the front seat of his car. They had to go home without their father and boyfriend and a mother lost her son due to police brutality. But the world turned a blind eye, while the media turns the victim’s perception into a thug, and the killing “was not a true lost to society.”

Every life that is lost due to police brutality is a lost to society. We’re living under unfair circumstances in a world where it is okay for a police to take an innocent life with no consequences. The police make a pledge to protect us, then put on a badge, blue suit and become higher than the law. If police make a pledge to protect then why are they causing so much harm.

Due to recent mass shootings across America politicians have called for tougher guns laws such as a background check and mental background check to make it harder to get a gun. Although the second amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms these steps would help stop anyone from getting a gun and killing innocent people. Why can’t we do the same before we give someone a badge and call them a police officer.