Playoffs: Destination Arrowhead


by Carlo Terrell

The Chiefs are sitting pretty at 12-4 and a first round bye. Thanks to the contribution of Travis Kelce. Kelce recorded a career high in receiving yards. All of Kelce’s 1,125 receiving yards were well needed. Kelce nearly contributed to half of Alex Smith’s 3,502 passing yards.

Another well known pro bowler who helped out the team is Tyreek Hill. Hill became a force to be reckon with a wooping 12 touchdowns. That includes receiving, rushing and returning.

“Tyreek Hill is the fastest and most exciting player in the league,” senior Darius Uche said.

Offense wasn’t the one that led us all the way to a sweet playoff bye. Our defense anchored us with the best turnover differential. Our two interception kings were Eric Berry with four interceptions and Marcus Peters with six.

Many think that this may be the year that the Chiefs will make it to the big game.

“We are for sure going to the Super Bowl nobody can stop the chiefs,” junior Monte Swinton said.

The Chiefs started out real slow this year but caught up as the season progressed.  The last six games of the year Hill contributed to half of the Chiefs touchdowns.

“He is my favorite player he is just so fast and exciting, I could watch him alone,” Uche said.

When you watch the Chiefs you can’t help but notice that defense. They have the best turnover differential,” sophomore Jamal Wallace noticed.

“Our defense is fun, it’s the best in the league,” sophomore Jamal Wallace said.