Homecoming Beatdown

by Carlo Terrell

North Kansas City came into Ruskin with a plan to spoil the party but they came to the wrong school. Ruskin High School walked on the field with ‘winning’ being the only option.

For that reason senior quarterback Mark Anthony Robins had a field day. He bounced back from a struggling game to 6 of 9 passes for 245 yards and don’t forget about his three touchdowns.

“My line was giving me time and wide receivers, they made it easy for me,” Robins said.

Junior Tyrell Rock carried most of the load in the receiving yards. Rock had 181 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

“They just couldn’t hold me, my quarterback was making great passes,” Rock said.

Rock’s most notable catch was a 72-yard touchdown in which he broke two tackles. Junior Shakespeare Williams pulled Robins third touchdown. The biggest drive of the game came with one minute left in the game. North Kansas City had a drive going and were at the Ruskin 35 yard line.

“Our defense stepped up and refused to lose that game,” said Williams.  

The secondary decided they were going to have a fun homecoming dance making three straight stops. The atmosphere was crazy as the fans stormed on the field. All anyone could do was look at the scoreboard and see Ruskin 19, North Kansas City 14, making history with a homecoming win since 2006.