High School Junior Becomes Published Author

by, Dominic Pellettiere, Reporter

Isaiah Williams, current junior attending Ruskin High School, ended his 2016 year by accomplishing something many struggle to do in a lifetime. “The Bloodline”, written entirely by Williams, is a book published by Createspace Publishing on Dec. 10, 2016. Consisting of 126 pages, the fictional story proves as Williams’ first published work of his writing career.

 The book was published Dec. 10, 2016 and available on Amazon.

Junior Isaiah Williams holds his first published book novel. The book was published Dec. 10, 2016 and available on Amazon. “Working on the book taught me a lot. I feel like my next stories will teach me even more,” Williams said.

“It [The Bloodline] is about a high school student who has to protect his loved ones from powerful demons,” Williams said.  

The horror/romance thriller has granted the 17 year old author many praises from his readers.

“I’m quite proud of Isaiah,” librarian Susan Boyles said. “He did a lot of handwork to get that book published.”

The connection between the book’s title and the plot of the story is from the antagonists’ desire to destroy the protagonist’s family, his bloodline.

Williams explained how the struggles of someone close to him was the main source of inspiration for the story.                                

“The story was actually inspired by true events, despite the fictional aspects,” Williams said.

His vision was brought to life by his publishing company, allowing the book to be available for purchase on Amazon.com, Williams encourages Eagle’s Eye readers to purchase a copy for themselves.

“I am extremely proud of Isaiah’s accomplishment in publishing his first book,” Principal Dawn Smith said.

Despite “The Bloodline” taking Williams the majority of 2016 to pen, he made it clear he’s already hard at work on his next book. Williams very much sees writing as his future career, so the fact that he’s wasted no time for his next story is no surprise. While it is not a sequel to his first, he promised his next will be much longer, and much better. Williams also granted exclusive permission for The Eagle’s Eye newspaper to announce the title; look out for “The Paralysis” the next book written by Williams… coming soon!

The Bloodline

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