Expect the Unexpected

IMG_8697Keiona Salmond

The Ruskin Eagles take on the Battle Spartans in round two of districts. The Eagles made history defeating Raytown in round one of district play after 28 years. “We did our best. We made history that game we beat Raytown,” senior Tarek Montgomery said. “If we would’ve played like that all season we would have been an undefeated team.” Photo Credit: Keiona Salmond

by Destnee Walton

The Ruskin football team did what no other football team has done in the history of Ruskin football. Even though it was a rough season Ruskin football team still seemed to amaze with their integrity, hard work and loyalty. Being a small football team with only 20 players compared to other teams with 50 or more, our football team did the unexpected.

The football team made history Friday, Oct. 20 at Raytown High School beating them 21-7 in the first round of the playoffs. It’s been 28 years since Ruskin High School was in the playoffs.

“I felt like we could have done better but stuff happens. I was hurt half of the season and we had a lot of players missing. Some players couldn’t play 1st semester, it was downhill at first but we started clicking at the end,” senior Tyrell Rock said. “We had our first playoff dub that was an accomplishment.”

The football team had the opportunity to travel to Columbia, Missouri to go against Battle High School in the second round of the playoffs.

“The game was pretty nice. They were some good competitors, unfortunately we lost 21-0, but I believe if we could have played them on another day I think that we could have won,” senior Darrell Harden Jr. said.

The Fandamania group and administrators helped out school spirit by ordering spirit buses so that the students could attend the game. The school also held an impromptu school assembly for the team before they headed to Columbia.

“That was a good experience especially being my senior year I’m proud of that, I’m proud that I got that opportunity,” senior Tarek Montgomery said.