Eagles Soar Over Bulldogs

By: Dominic  Pelletterie

Staff Reporter

Jan. 12, 2017 the Ruskin Boys Basketball Team faced a challenging away game at their rival Grandview’s home court. Ruskin Heights neighbor, Grandview High School, has became Ruskin’s most detested opponent, as they are specially scheduled every year in a non-conference basketball match. As for this year, the event turned out to be one of the best matchups in the two schools history together.


 The game proved to be a challenge for both teams; the tough fouls, aggressive drives, changes in score, provided a great display of athleticism regardless of who you were rooting for.


 “It was a fantastic game to be at, the energy was through the roof from both sides,” senior  Darius Uche said. 


 Fortunately, the game ended in favor of the Ruskin Eagles, winning the match with a final score of 78-73.


 “The team just performed efficiently,” said varsity head coach Raymond Hughes.  “We corrected our mistakes, which in turn gave us a lead we could maintain until the clock expired.”IMG_0041Ryah Williams


All credit is due to the Eagles, as the Grandview High School court provided a stage for the best Ruskin basketball to be showcased thus far in the 2016-2017 season.


 Not only did The Golden Eagles perform phenomenally as a unit, but senior DuVonte’ Beard completed the night with a career high double-double.


 “I was very impressed by my performance,” Beard said.


Finishing the first half with a breathtakingly deep, buzzer-beating three pointer, Beard lead the team to a valuable victory on the road.


“Domination is the word that comes to mind,” said senior Jordan Taylor of Beard’s athleticism on the court.


 Ruskin High School now holds the title between the on-court rivalry between Grandview High School; however, the rest of the season will continue to test the promising varsity basketball squad. There’s one thing that pushes the team to be better.


“Support from our classmates means a lot, it adds an extra pressure to win,” said senior varsity player Ebubechi Idika.


With a drive to win, the Golden Eagles are ready to beat the odds and accomplish their goals on the road to State.

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