A Golden Homecoming

img_0429By Jasmine Shelton, Managing Editor- Eagle’s Eye Online

This years’ homecoming candidates come from a wide variety of areas in the building, which also increased the competition between the candidates.

The sophomore prince candidates were Fabian Valtierra, Tyreese Taylor, Carlo Terrell and Jamal Wallace while sophomore princess candidates were Kelly  Menjivar, Destinee Brown, Sheila Titalangha, and Karemah Hazziez.

Junior prince candidates were Kalan Hooks, Shakespeare Williams, Juan Escamilla and Craig Hughes. Princess candidates were Coriana Forshee, Shyna Darrington, Alawnna Duncan and Alexus Palmer.

Senior King candidates were varsity football player Tayshon Wrench, Peter Nguyen, varsity soccer player Mahmood “Bany” Balmarjauy, John Lewis and Kevin Marett. Senior Queen candidates were drum major Briana Thornton, dancer Aeriona Verge, cheerleader LaShelle Austin, journalist Jasmine Shelton, and fashion designer Kamryn Miller.

The homecoming winners was as follows:

  • Sophomore Prince: Carlo Terrell
  • Sophomore Princess: Destinee Brown
  • Junior Prince: Shakespeare Williams
  • Junior Princess: Corianna Forshee
  • 1st Runner-Up Queen: Jasmine Shelton
  • Senior Queen: Aeriona Verge
  • Senior King: Mahmood Balmarjah


Monday Character Crazy Day: Homecoming Queen candidate Aeriona Verge, Mahmood Balmarjah and senior Jada Warren dress as The Joker, Harley Quinn and El Diablo for Character Crazy Day.

“My favorite day of the week was Monday,” sophomore Ogetchi Idika said. “It was cool to see people dressed as movie characters and superheros.”


Photo Credit: Jada Burse

Tuesday Disney Day: Senior Shadman Alam and juniors Yasmeen Tariq and Mohammed Ahmed dress up as characters from Aladdin for Disney Day.

“My favorite day was Disney Day,” senior SaRah Al-Basir said. “I love Disney.”





Photo Credit: Naysha Boyd

Wednesday Nerds vs. Jocks Day: Seniors Antonique Holmes and Jada Warren come as nerds for Nerds vs. Jocks day.

“My favorite day of the week was nerds vs. jocks day,” senior Jada Burse said. “It was interesting to see what everybody was going to do.”





Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

Thursday 20th century Throwback: Juniors Moriah Isenhower, Marshay Miller, Zadiyah Collis, Diamond Taylor, Lena Jackson, and Angel Hudson smile for a picture on 20th century throwback day.

“My favorite spirit week day was Thursday because my best friend Dawn and I got to dress up together,” senior Mariaelena Gramajo said.




Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

Friday Olympic Day: Senior DuVonte Beard spins a basketball on his finger in honor of Olympic Day Friday.

“I thought I’d win Olympic Day, so I went all out and wore a lot of my medals to represent an Olympic medalist,” Beard said.